Milestone achieved: fifty sales

Posted September 24, 2014 by PaulineMRoss in Publishing/marketing / 7 Comments

When I pressed the ‘publish’ button for ‘The Plains of Kallanash’ twelve days ago, my expectations were realistic (read: low). First book, no platform, no horde of fans waiting anxiously. And no plan to promote the thing beyond telling people I know: hey, look, this book I’ve been wittering about? It’s out. So being realistic (read: pessimistic), I hoped to sell 15-20 copies to online friends, and thereafter perhaps a copy or so a week to random strangers. Maybe 50 copies in the first six months.

Today when I checked my sales stats I found a nice surprise: a sale in Germany which brought the total sales up to 50. My first milestone achieved already. It isn’t much of a milestone, but it’s more than I expected at this stage, which is pleasing. So ‘Danke’, random stranger in Germany. I hope you enjoy the book.


7 responses to “Milestone achieved: fifty sales

  1. Hey, good news! Isn’t it odd, though, when you sell a book really far away? I remember when I got my first Australian sale I was blown away, because I know *nobody* down under.

    • Yeah, the German sale is odd because I had one just a couple of days ago, and now this one. So I have to wonder: do you people know each other? Or is this just randomness at work? I love the idea of one German reader enjoying the book so much s/he tells a friend about it but… more likely just randomness. 🙂

  2. Congrats! It always amazes me how many Random Interested Strangers are out there, but that’s the writer’s life, I guess!

    And it looks like I get as much traffic through Amazon Germany as I get through Amazon UK. So I’m with you: Hi Germans!

  3. Hope your sales doe well, and steadily grow, especially when you release your next novel.

    I once had a spat of sales in Germany for one of my fantasy novels. Don’t know why. Didn’t complain. Maybe your first sale there will lead to others.

    • Thanks for this – sorry I didn’t notice your comment sooner, it got trapped in the spam filter. Yes, I’m not expecting much from this book in the way of sales. The next book should be out around the New Year, and the third around May, so that will be the time to start promoting and looking for sales, I think. As for Germany, I had two sales on successive days and then nothing! This publishing lark is a strange business, very unpredictable.

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