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Yes, ‘The Plains of Kallanash’ is finally published. Hurray!

Since it’s been on pre-order for a week or two, my daughter and stayed up until midnight to watch it go live on Eight hours later, it went live in the US. If I’d planned things better, I could have watched the roll-out around the world, starting in Australia. Then there was the paperback version to get up and running, which took a few hours for all the kinks to work out. Mid-afternoon, the ‘look-inside’ feature was activated. And then there were sales reports to watch and rankings to track and royalties to check. And hey, I’ve made around $5.00 already. Better get that Ferrari ordered… Oh, wait, there are refunds… 🙁

Last night I threw myself a launch party, with champagne and nibbles and a cake with ‘The Plains of Kallanash’ inscribed on the top in icing. And I’ve had a whale of a time. This publishing business is fun. 🙂

You can buy ‘The Plains of Kallanash’ at a special introductory price at:

Big Amazon

UK Amazon

Australian Amazon

Canadian Amazon

And all other regional Amazons. Also on Kindle Unlimited.

‘The Plains of Kallanash’ is an epic fantasy adventure with a strong romantic element. Here’s the blurb:

Thousands of years after a magical catastrophe reshaped the world and pulled the moons out of alignment, the secret of magic has seemingly been lost. At the centre of the vast, forbidding Plains of Kallanash lies a land ruled by a secretive religion, whose people fight a never-ending war against the barbarians in the wilderness beyond the border.

Amongst the nobility, double marriages are the norm. Junior wife Mia always dreamed of attracting the attention of the dashing lead husband, but never dared to compete against her lively older sister. Hurst has spent ten frustrating years as junior husband, longing to test his skill with a sword in battle, longing for his beloved Mia to turn to him.

The mysterious death of Mia’s sister thrusts the marriage into turmoil. As Mia and Hurst struggle to adjust and find out what happened, they uncover sinister truths about the ruling religion. But the gods are unforgiving; even Mia’s innocent questions carry a terrible punishment. Hurst is prepared to risk everything to save her, even if it means taking up his sword against the barbarians, his own people, and the gods themselves.


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  1. Don’t mind the refunds, if you get any. There’s no way to tell why someone returned it unless they post a review — I imagine some people do it just because they’re cheap. The bastards.

    And congrats! Hey, I should get myself a cake for my next launch, that’s a good idea.

    • No, I’m not bothered about the refunds. I’m just dazzled by having all these pretty graphs to look at. Sales! Rankings! And they go up and down! It’s mesmerising. I just wish I knew what it all means (nothing much, I suppose). But it’s fun.

  2. So exciting! Yes, those refunds are dastardly, particularly when you’re selling the book cheap. Honestly, who worries over 99 cents? The average person will lose that much in pockets or bags.

  3. Congratulations! I just got my copy. 🙂

    Though, I would have gladly paid $5 for a book this size. I know it’s not about the money, just letting you know that it’s worth it. Are you seeing any borrows yet? I don’t know how many people Amazon has signed up, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of borrows on my books since I put them back into Select. And with no idea how people found them.

    Now, if I can just finish up the third one and finish this trilogy. It’s taken far too long. 🙂

    • Thanks for buying! I hope you enjoy the read. The price will stay low until the end of September – I want my friends to have the chance to pick it up without paying a fortune. After that, I’ll try $3.99 and see what happens. No borrows at all yet!

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