Month: February 2015

Beta readers wanted!

So here I am again, asking for your help. The Mages of Bennamore is now as revised as I can make it without more pairs of eyes on it. I have a couple of beta readers already, but I’d love some more. If you’d like to help, all you have to do is read the […]

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Fiction Review: ‘The Italian Girl’ by Iris Murdoch

Fiction Review: ‘The Italian Girl’ by Iris Murdoch

What this book needs is more orcs. Or any orcs at all, really, but preferably a great horde of slavering, rampaging, hell-bent-on-destruction orcs. Failing that, zombies would do the trick. Or perhaps we could push swords into the characters’ hands and toss them into the gladiator arena. Frankly, they need something of the sort. A […]

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