Authors Answer 1: If you could design your dream writing studio/office, what would it be like?

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A little over a year ago, blogger Jay Dee Archer, of the I Read Encyclopedias For Fun blog, had an idea: why not gather together an eclectic bunch of authors and ask them to answer an interesting question every week? And so Authors Answer was born. I discovered it rather late in the day, but when Erica Dakin, of the Theft And Sorcery blog, and author of the raunchy fantasy trilogy of the same name, decided to revive the questions to answer on her own blog, I thought – why not do the same?

So here goes: the first Authors Answer question is:

Question 1: If you could design your dream writing studio/office, what would it be like?

The study I have is pretty close, actually. It already has space for a nice big desk and plenty of bookcases. It has a big picture window looking out to the Moray Firth, and the mountains in the distance. It just needs a bit or reorganisation, and decluttering. Where does all this stuff come from anyway? It’s astonishing how it accumulates.

If I could start from scratch, then, I’d keep the room, and move everything out. Yes, even my husband, who has half the space at the moment. I want it ALL. One wall would be built-in bookshelves, for all my writing books and favourite reads (for inspiration). A swanky new desk, one of those wrap-around jobs. Somewhere for the functional stuff – printer, hard drives, spare cartridges. That would be the business side of the room.

The other side – the thinking and reading side. A reclining chair and footstool. A side table for the glass of wine and Kindle. Wait – I might not get so much writing done, though.

To be honest, I’m drifting away from the idea of a ‘special’ place to write. It’s a bit like waiting for the muse to strike: it becomes an excuse NOT to get anything done. With my (very modest) early royalties, I bought myself a rinky-dink little computer/tablet hybrid that runs Windows (and therefore Scrivener), so that I could a) take it with me on holiday to save lugging a normal-sized laptop; and b) cart it round the house when I’m doing boring house-stuff, so that I can sit down for ten minutes here and there and do some writing. The objective is to be able to write anywhere at all, and not just in some special snug writing den. And yes, it’s increased my productivity somewhat.

So a dream writing studio? Great idea, and yes, I’d love to have one, but I’d rather be able to write any time, any place.

You can read the original answers here (and they’re far more creative than mine; writing treehouse, anyone?). And Erica’s answer is here.


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