News: the Brightmoon world is coming to lots more stores

Posted January 16, 2018 by PaulineMRoss in News, Publishing/marketing / 1 Comment

The Brightmoon books have always been available from Amazon for you to read on your Kindle or other device. Up to now, they’ve been exclusive to Amazon which meant I could offer them to readers in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited subscription program.

Now, at last, they’ll be available in lots more stores, like iBooks, Kobo and many more.  I’ll be gradually making them available over the next few months, so if you’re not a Kindle reader, watch out for the Brightmoon books in your favourite store – coming soon!


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  1. Christine Phelps

    Hi Pauline,

    Thank you for responding to my email so promptly, but unfortunately Messenger cannot download it for some reason – all I get are the first few words, followed by that irritating ouroborus broken circle forever chasing its tail! I have just finished The Dragon Caller, so whilst I am waiting for the Return of the Mages to arrive at Kobo, I am re reading the series, as many of the names appearing in later books, I recall from earlier ones, but cannot quite remember where, or who, they are![what is known as ‘galloping senility’ in my house]. Please can I ask you to reply via email, rather than messenger, in the hopes it will reach me.

    Please tell me you are writing more books in this genre.


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