About the Brightmoon books

The Brightmoon books are all set in the same world, some five thousand years after a magical catastrophe. They are mostly stand-alone books, such that each one can be read independently, but for those who read them in sequence, there are little references to the earlier books, and a few characters and artifacts turn up again. The Second God is a sequel to The Fire Mages’ Daughter.

Find out more about the Brightmoon world.

The Plains of Kallanash

The Fire Mages

The Mages of Bennamore

The Magic Mines of Asharim

The Fire Mages’ Daughter

The Dragon’s Egg

The Second God

Findo Gask’s Apprentice

The Dragon Caller



10 responses to “About the Brightmoon books

  1. Michelle Ford

    Any update on return of the mages? I’ve reread the whole series consecutively and desperate to continue on this journey

    • Unfortunately, I have no idea when it will be done. I got distracted with writing Regency romances under the pen name Mary Kingswood, which turned out to be way more successful than the Brightmoon books. I do still hope to get back to it when I get an epic-fantasy-sized window in the schedule, but I can’t say when that will be. Sorry. 🙁

  2. Appocomaster

    Hey Pauline – I assume we’re still in a holding pattern on book 10 (and, as you said, the northern hemisphere is still a long way off).

  3. Victoria Walton

    I’ve been checking religiously for Book 10. Just LOVE these stories. Hope you can get back to it very soon.

  4. Jennifer

    Dear Pauline,
    Is The Return of the Mages written yet? No more romances please! Come on, don’t leave us hanging.

    Kind regards…

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