Milestone achieved: fifty sales

When I pressed the ‘publish’ button for ‘The Plains of Kallanash’ twelve days ago, my expectations were realistic (read: low). First book, no platform, no horde of fans waiting anxiously. And no plan to promote the thing beyond telling people I know: hey, look, this book I’ve been wittering about? It’s out. So being realistic […]

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A fangirl moment…

A fangirl moment…

Excuse me while I squeeee for a while… Michael J Sullivan is one of my favourite fantasy authors, and he’s currently hosting a giveaway for advance printings of his new series. You can sign up at Goodreads and a couple of other places. Full details here. But that’s not really what got me all excited. […]

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Fantasy Romance Review: ‘Bound’ by Kate Sparkes

Fantasy Romance Review: ‘Bound’ by Kate Sparkes

This is a cracking story. Fantasy romance is a tricky format. It can veer from straight fantasy with a little romance on the side, through to outright romance with a little arm-wavy magic or the occasional dragon thrown in for light relief. This book leans more to the relationship side of the equation, but there’s […]

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Yes, ‘The Plains of Kallanash’ is finally published. Hurray! Since it’s been on pre-order for a week or two, my daughter and stayed up until midnight to watch it go live on Eight hours later, it went live in the US. If I’d planned things better, I could have watched the roll-out around the […]

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Wattpad: final thoughts

With the publication of ‘The Plains of Kallanash’ rapidly approaching, I’ve finally taken down most of the chapters posted on Wattpad, so that I can sign up for Amazon’s exclusive program, KDP Select. I’ve left six chapters up as a sample, but I don’t expect them to get many reads. I started posting the book […]

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