After the collection: what to read next

Have you just finished reading The Fire Mages Collection? I hope you enjoyed the tale of Kyra, Drei and Cal, and the next generation, Drina, Arran and Ly-haam. You’ve seen a small part of the Brightmoon world, but there’s much more to explore – more heroes and heroines, more battles, more magic and (most important) more dragons! From the vast plains of Kallanash to the Port Holdings of the southern coasts, from the secret mines beneath the massive Sky Mountains to the northern canals, from great cities rooted in antiquity to tiny fishing villages, discover the fascinating Brightmoon world.

There are six more books in the series, all just as richly detailed and absorbing as the books in the Collection, and they’re all available from Amazon. Click the links to go to your favourite bookstore to find out more. Enjoy!

The Plains of Kallanash

The Mages of Bennamore

The Magic Mines of Asharim

The Dragon’s Egg

Findo Gask’s Apprentice

The Dragon Caller