The Magic Mines of Asharim

The Magic Mines of Asharim is the fourth book set in the Brightmoon world. It’s a stand-alone book, with a completely different location and a new set of characters; you don’t need to have read any other Brightmoon books to enjoy it (although for those who’ve read The Plains of Kallanash, you will learn a little bit more about some mysterious creatures from that book!).

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Here’s the detail:

A fallen empire. A woman with dark secrets. A strange magical weapon.

The glorious Akk’asharan Empire was torn apart by treachery two hundred years ago, its water supply cut off. Now its people are enslaved and humiliated, but they have never forgotten the past, and dream of one day restoring their former greatness.

Allandra’s dreams are more immediate: how to control the powerful magical abilities that are ruining her life. After a disastrous outbreak of power, she’s desperate to escape from justice and find a place to grieve and recover. Perhaps the hidden mines of Asharim can provide a safe haven.

The mines can provide much more than that: not only a way to control her dangerous magic, but a magical weapon that might even restore the fallen empire to its rightful place. But with enemies on her trail, and powerful factions who will do anything to stop her, she will only get one chance. If she fails, the empire’s last hope will be lost forever.

From the magic mines of Asharim, no one emerges unchanged.

The Magic Mines of Asharim is written by Pauline M Ross, with cover design by Deranged Doctor Designs and proofreading by Coinlea Services.

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