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  1. Pete Watt

    Thoroughly enjoyed your series and am keen to know when book 10 appears. As a proof reader I was impressed at how clean your books are. Very well done you. 🙂

    • Thank you for the compliments. I have a professional proofreader who does an excellent job, so that’s why the books have so few errors. As for book 10… erm… I really don’t know. I got distracted by my other pen name, which writes Regency romance, and I’m finding it difficult to switch back to fantasy. However, I do hope to get book 10 done eventually.

  2. Penny

    I agree with Pete – – just finished The Dragon Caller and love the continuity, the fullness, and richness of the stories.
    Book 10 will uncountable be an epic resolution to all of the story lines and personal relationships. I am looking forward to finding out if the great black bird Kal returns – to share his amusement at human thinking with a certain dragon, perhaps?

  3. Anna Stein

    I first read your Regency romances, and I love those, but then I found the Brightmoon Annals, and you are now officially my favorite author. Your writing is excellent, and the stories take me through the full range of emotions. Thank you for writing them.

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