A new review of ‘The Plains of Kallanash’

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There haven’t been many reviews yet – one on Amazon, one on the UK Amazon also posted to Goodreads – so every extra one is much appreciated. Today marks the first review by a book blogger, although, to be fair, Anachronist is an online friend of some years’ standing, and also my fellow contributor over at book review site Fantasy Review Barn. She also beta read Kallanash for me, so not quite a random stranger.

Here’s a snippet from the review:

However you know what I liked the best? Like in real life there were no baddies rotten to the core, no really. Or rather I should say the baddies were so three-dimensional and complicated that, after a while, you didn’t perceive them as completely negative characters.

You can read the full review (and many other great book reviews) at Anachronist’s blog here. And watch out for her interview with me, too. [ETA: You can read it here. Some interesting and unusual questions in there.]


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