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I’ve always been terrible at art. Really. I can’t even draw convincing stick people. It never really mattered much, though, because I never needed to. I left all that painting, drawing and generally arty stuff to those with a talent for it.

But now I’m writing fantasy, and really, a little drawing skill might be a rather useful thing to have, because – maps. Every fantasy world has to have a map, right? I’ve had people ask about maps for my stories. Oh, but you’ll have one when the book is published, won’t you? Well, no, because: see above. And I really can’t afford professional artwork for a map.

Now, I know there is already software out there that supposedly allows anyone to draw maps, and I’ve even tried some of them, without any success. My hand-drawn back-of-the-envelope efforts are better, frankly. But I keep hoping for something simple enough that even I can use it.

And here’s something that just may work for someone like me: mapping software that really does look simple yet effective. It’s called Other World Mapper and there’s Kickstarter for it which runs until November 7th 2014.

Check it out at: http://kck.st/1rTYfBZ.

Here’s a sample of what the software can do:



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