Happy New Year!

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The turn of the year is a time for looking both back and forwards. This is probably the forty seventh you’ve read, so to keep it brief, here’s a quick summary of my year:

Memorable events of 2014 (good and bad):

  • I published a book! ‘The Plains of Kallanash’ went live on 12th September 2014. [Kind of a roller-coaster, but mostly good]
  • I learned that when you spend time writing, you get less reading done. [Bad]
  • I taught myself the 400 steps necessary to obtain an EIN from Uncle Sam to avoid withholding tax on my book royalties (ha! If only…), which involves dancing naked with unicorn feathers and the sacrifice of one’s first-born (sorry, James, but needs must), not to mention visiting the American Embassy in London, which is almost as far from here as it’s possible to get without falling into the ocean. And then the system was changed so I didn’t need to do any of that. [Which is good, I think; well, very good for my first-born, obviously]
  • I learned that I have a lot of kind online friends who went out and bought my book, and posted nice reviews. You lovely people. [Good]
  • I learned that I will never get rich by writing books (but I kind of knew that anyway). [OK]
  • I discovered that Australia in November is a very pleasant place to be. And the wine is awesome… [V. Good]

Coming in 2015 (maybe):

  • Another book! ‘The Fire Mages’ will be published on 9th January 2015. You can now pre-order it at your local Amazon.
  • And another! ‘The Mages of Bennamore’ will be published late spring 2015.
  • And yet another! ‘The Mines of Asharim’ might possibly round off my first year as a published author by appearing in September 2015. If all this sounds too prolific for words, bear in mind that in the year and a half I spent editing and polishing Kallanash and inching towards publication in a three steps forward, two back manner, I wrote another two and a bit books. So I kind of had them lined up, waiting.
  • On the reading/reviewing front, I’d like to reduce my backlog of books somewhat, and not just by shuffling them from the to-read shelf to the to-read-sometime shelf on Goodreads. You know, by actually reading them. But I just keep getting distracted by all the shiny new books…

I hope you all have the 2015 you want.


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