The Brightmoon world has a map!

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In less than three weeks, on 23rd September, The Second God will be released, my seventh epic fantasy, yet up to now there’s never been a map of any part of the Brightmoon world. But this book is a little different, it covers a wide area of the southern Plains of Kallanash, and with multiple plot strands taking place simultaneously at different locations, it was time to bite the bullet and become a proper, grown-up fantasy author. I have a map! It was drawn for me by Write.Dream.Repeat Book Design, using map elements by Ignacio Portilla M.

And here it is:


Most of the Brightmoon books so far take place within this map. Here’s how they fit in:

The Plains of Kallanash: in the Karningplain.

The Fire Mages: in Bennamore.

The Mages of Bennamore: in the Port Holdings.

The Magic Mines of Asharim: at the top of the Sky Mountains (but mostly off the map).

The Fire Mages’ Daughter: in Bennamore and the Blood Clans’ land.

The Dragon’s Egg: mostly off the map.

The Second God: everywhere south and west of Greenstone Ford.

I hope this will be useful while you read the book.


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