Cover reveal for ‘The Plains of Kallanash’

Posted June 4, 2014 by PaulineMRoss in Publishing/marketing, The Plains of Kallanash / 4 Comments

If you read my previous post on cover art, you’ll know that I decided to pay the professionals to design something for me, since my artistic skills are non-existent. I found some pre-made artwork that captured something of the feel I was hoping for, so I was able to pass that along to the designer as a starting point.

The beauty of custom cover art is that you can ask for whatever imagery or symbolism you want. I knew I wanted to capture the vastness of the plains – that big sky effect. I also suggested using pampas grass heads to represent the sort of grasses growing there. I asked for a fantasy-style font, and maybe some glowing letters, since that plays a part in the plot.

And from those meagre clues the designer put together the image below. I hadn’t asked for a figure, but hey, that must be Mia standing there! Although she doesn’t seem to have combed her hair today, how unlike her. I was blown away when I first saw this, because although it isn’t an entirely faithful rendition of the character or the setting, it has that indefinable quality I was looking for: it jumps out at you, it ‘pops’.

Nice work, Streetlight Graphics.


4 responses to “Cover reveal for ‘The Plains of Kallanash’

    • Yeah, the font is cool. One day, when I’m rich and famous (or maybe just rich…) I’ll get one of those awesome hand-painted fantasy covers, maybe of the Ring, with the tower and the lake and all the pavilions along the edge. But this is perfect for right now, and it’ll look great as a thumbnail on Amazon.

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